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DPA Microphones have introduced new accessories for their 6060 series subminiature microphone. It is designed mainly for movie productions and live streaming sessions. Its huge advantage is small size while the new white-painted, stainless steel subminiature cap is paintable to hide or mask the mic on an actor’s/presenter’s/musician’s body or clothes. The white clip perfectly blends in when placed on a white shirt or other type of garment. In the case of film production, the tip can be painted or hidden in a button-hole. When staging a theater production, the microphone can be attached to an actor’s body and covered with body paint/make-up. The producer assures that all types of paint and make-up normally used in a theatre or movie set environment can be used. The clip allows for a 360° microphone rotation when mounting, which is very useful when adjusting on a person’s body or clothes.


DUA9302 microphone tip

  • Stainless steel
  • Paintable
  • With the Subminiature Paintable Cap attached, the 6060 Subminiature mic is IP58-certified.

SCM0034-B microphone clip

  • 360° mounting with 45° steps

Producer: https://www.dpamicrophones.com/

Polish distributor: https://audiostacja.pl/