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Imagine two guys who have been playing drums for twenty odd years, both of them active musicians on the Polish rock scene with a number of albums, tours, awards or nominations along the way. Both of them have played in a number of line-ups performing various genres of popular music from metal and many diferent variations of rock, all the way through to pop, funk, hip-hop, even elements of jazz at times (ok, the latter perhaps not that often). Are you imagining that? Ok, now imagine that these guys have not yet had it with the drums to the point that they come up with an idea to join forces and create a website (or more like a platform) with which to bring together freaks just like them. Drum freaks, that is.

If you systematically hear voices in your head that tell you to keep wondering how a given drummer has produced his or her sound, what instrument they use, how they keep it in good condition, what kind of tuning methods, heads, cymbals, sticks, mics they apply, how they prepare for a studio session or a tour, maybe even what their rehearsal space looks like – then you are exactly the same as us. And there are many, many more… You can feel free to cancel the next appointment with your shrink and start visiting us from now on. Take our love and passion for drums, combine it with the obvious fact that there are thousands and thousands of those who share this passion and what you have is a great chance of creating a place where both young learners of the craft and their older and more advanced colleagues could broaden their knowledge of their fav subject, which is also one we can talk about for days on end. Welcome to BeatIt – the place where absolutely everybody is obsessed with drums…


Maciej “Blindman” Głuchowski (born 1971)

Currently working with bands like Candida (alternative/grunge/metal), FunkMasterPunk (funk) and the popular hip hop artist – DonGURALesko. Former drummer with Dump (rock/trance), Sweet Noise (metal/core), Armia (legendary punk outfit) and Acid Drinkers (most popular and best-selling metal act in Poland.

Sound engineer, producer, owner of the CRS Studio and the Luta Records label, both based in Poznań, Poland.

Responsible chiefly for making good coffee for the BeatIt team. Every now and then, he does perform the duties of Film Editor, Senior Cameraman, Sound Editor or Archive Keeper. It was once his ambition is to be ‘Chairman’ so maybe one day… In his free time… What free time???

Marcin “Viking” Leitgeber (born 1972)

Drummer with Titus’ Tommy Gunn, an award-nominated solo project by Titus (singer, bass player with the legendary Acid Drinkers – most popular and best-selling act in Polish metal) and Heavyweight (alternative/grunge/metal).

Holds the position of ‘Editor-In-Chief’ on the BeatIt team and is reponsible for interviewing musicians. Has recently been appointed ‘Assistant to Senior Cameraman’. His ambition is one day to become ‘Junior Film Editor’.

As any Viking, in his free time, he is interested in plundering and burning villages, raping the wenches, taking the children in captivity, as well as wasting the men. Run to the hills, good people!